Excavation & Civil Construction Services

Merut’s management and field personnel bring years of construction and equipment experience together. Our Management, Supervisors, and field crew pride ourselves in our professionalism, work ethic, flexibility, efficiency, and most importantly, our quality of work.

  • Eastern & Central Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia
Main Services
  • Hydrovac/ Air Excavation Services
  • Mechanical Excavation
  • Pier Drilling
  • Foundations
Other Services Available
  • Site Restoration
  • Trenching
  • Clearing/Demo
  • E/S Controls

Hydrovac and Air-Knife Excavation Services

Safe excavation using high-pressurized water and vacuum is also known as hydrovac, hydro excavation, hydro trenching, or soft digging. This process using high-pressurized air and vacuum is also known as soil vacuum excavation, air excavation, air knife soil excavation, or potholing. These methods are preferred for high-risk areas that contain things such as underground utility lines, cables, or other sensitive underground infrastructure. It leads to safe and reliable excavation while eliminating the possibility of damaging what is underground.

Beside “daylighting” existing utility lines and cables, hydrovac excavation can also be used for “slot trenching”, which is digging narrow trenches for installation of cables, lines, or other systems. Click here for our Hydro Excavation 101 guide.

Foundations, Drilling, & Other Civil Services

At Merut Construction we provide concrete construction and foundation services from forming and installation of structural concrete for foundations, sub-grade walls, footings, and other building applications. We focus on structural excavation and backfill, concrete form-work design and installation to spec, concrete reinforcement installation, and concrete placement and finishing.

  • Foundations for equipment or drilled piers.
  • Soil Stabilization, rebar installation, and concrete finishing
  • E & S Controls
  • Excavation and finish Grading
  • Drilling of piers
  • Security fence or wall installations
  • Grounding